( // didier goudeseune)
this dictionary never has a word for the way I'm feeling

Sokif  ”Waves burning in wheat color” (from “Affectionate Unselfish”, on PLOP, 2013)

Rei Hayama’s video for this song simply makes it ten times better. 

Spooky Black “Pull (prod. Kid Hnrk)” (from ” Leaving EP”, 2014)

I like this. Halfway between The Secret Stars and Jamie Isaac. Right, I am drowning. Not sure how memorable it will stay in my file library, but yeah I will crawl to this definitely for a while, dancing slowly in water until i can’t breathe, until i can’t ear anything. 


Mersey “On a lease”

I don’t know but it sounds so comforting. Just like brit-pop somewhat but slowed down, nicely sullen, warmly melancholic, showing some tendencies towards Art of Fighting. Future will tell. But now, Australia’s scene is hitting the spot again. 


Larry “New Rain” (from “Live from the bedroom and other songs”,  2014)

I’m infinitely thankful for listening to this song. It’s new rain like it is the perfect song to be drenched while walking aimlessly, just to find back some appeasement and a clearer mind.


Owen Rabbit “Police Car” (live in Belgrave, 2014)

Simply wow. From Perth. Australia wins once again.

Zykos “Understanding Fire” (from “Zykos”, 2004)

10 years ago, I never understood why they put this song on their two albums which I never really explored. But somewhat this song got stuck in my head and i found it again in a lost folder while cleaning my files and surprisingly it survived the passing of time.  

The Wandering Lake “Laughing friend” (from “Ashame”, 2012)

All about melting and feeling so alone. Pure contemplative sadness. All that will be left of me will be a puddle. 

S “Vampires” (Swim Good remix, 2014)

I want four versions of “Cool Choices”, the regular one, the demo one, the remix one and the acoustic live one in unexpected settings (like Owen did with “Ghost Town”). Then I am a happy man for some months. You feel bad, I feel worse.  

Wax & Wane


Wax & Wane “Away” (from “Winter”, 2005)

Ridiculously still under the 1000 listeners bar at First track of a record called “Winter” but for me it sounds like the perfect summer evening song. You just feel good, the air is still warm but you’re sitting comfortably under trees, maybe reading a book while the sun is gently declining. I could be nostalgic that way forever but the night is coming soon and i’ll be receding.   

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-kj “blue” (2014)

Ambient track of the year.