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this dictionary never has a word for the way I'm feeling

Human Hands “Aestivate” (from “My heart in your hand” on Time as a Color, 2014)

Sounds too minimal, too beautiful, too slow, too tense, to really exist. Trio from Birmingham, UK. 


Emma Russack “You shouldn’t” (from “You changed me”, 2014)

There is something timeless about this song. I’ve been following her for a while mostly through her band Hot Palms but this song his like the next level for me. Truer than reality, I can feel the warm wind, the darkness, the empty waves, the emotions coming back as waves ashore. 


Fortunes. “Keeper” (2014)

Electronic/hip-hop/soul duo from Melbourne. I like these slow moving, comforting but kinda bleak atmospheres. 

Leaaves “Dem Tod am längsten überleben” (from  ”<>”, 2014)

I have been listening compulsively to this track recently and I am not that able to explain why. I deeply enjoy those unexpected collages.


—On videos

Sexytiger “On videos” (from “It could start”, 2001)

Obscure slowcore / indie pop Belgian band which sadly never totally surfaced.

Lontalius “untitled” (2014)

A guitar, electric piano, vocals for what it seems a first take. It is a priceless gem, which sounds somewhat like some old Talons’s stuff (circa “Rustic Bullshit”). Delicate and subtle intimate translation of deep emotions. 

(Source: producedby40)

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Human Hands “Disease” (“Human Hands" on Time as a Color, 2014)

From Birmingham, UK. The perfect moment when post-hardcore meets slowcore. The wonderful rise of slow tension bathed in melancholy. 


1985 & Artistic Crisis “Thirty​-​Two Flavors” (on Masa Records, 2014)

This is just a regular intimate bedroom folk song but I really can’t believe i’m the first one to listen to it on It is simply amazing, somewhere between early Jen Wood and The Secret Stars.

Race Banyon “live at 95bFM Breakfast Club”

I feel like drowning, lost inside, gasping for air from 4:00 to a little more than 5:00. Moving.

On The Way Out “Accepting your own” (from “Self-titled”, 2014)

Music by Larry a.c. Owen, from Boston, MA. Bedroom emotional intimate melancholic folk songs.